English Camps | Short-term Trips

Send small teams on a mission together to serve agape love to students. Led by Weihua the team will engage opportunities to teach English camps, visit student families, and love the local church. Click icon for details.

Teach | Long-term Career

Send qualified people on a mission together in the career field. They will engage opportunities to teach English school full time, build relationships with locals, and disciple the local church. Click icon for details.

Partner Now

First, in prayer for God’s glory to be fully known in all we do. Secondly, in going, sending, or giving financial support. Many believe in what we do together and give cheerfully. You may be compelled to do the same. Click icon for details.

Our Mission | To recruit, equip and send qualified people on mission to serve high school students and their families with Agape’s love.

My impressions of China:
I saw old (Forbidden City and Great Wall). I saw new (fast trains and elegant hotels). I saw hopelessness (slums and orphanages). I saw great hope (the spark of the Gospel in the lives of foreigners and in the hearts of the house church).
I saw life being lived by ordinary people who were just like me. I looked into their eyes and I saw the hunger for better. A better life for their families. A better future for their children. I saw a team of individuals, mostly unknown to each other, fuse together into a team to show the students and staff that love, agape love is real and that it comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ. I saw students that felt the love of Christ from each teacher. I saw school staff that were inspired by Americans, foreigners to them at first but altogether friends at last. I saw gentle Chinese people, so enamored by these Americans that they would ask us to let them take pictures. Pictures and memories that they will tell to their grandchildren . And all I can say is ‘Wow’! I saw God move in the heart of a businessman, who started the week an atheist, but by weeks end was proclaiming how God was moving. I saw a young man, teenager, with tears streaming down his face, saying “Bill, I believe”. I saw a house church in worship and singing and praising the Lord in words I didn’t understand but with a melody I knew by heart. I saw God in China and all I can say is “Wow”!


Bill Brown

Pastor, Beluah Baptist Church

I saw a young man, teenager, with tears streaming down his face, saying “Bill, I believe”.

I saw God in China and all I can say is “Wow”!

Bill Brown

Pastor, Beulah Baptist Church

God used BFH to impact our church body for global missions. I’m excited to walk out what God has planned for my life in connection with BFH.

Scott Belgard

Exxon Operator, Team Leader, Elder, The Oaks Church

The opportunity I had to serve in China with BFHCM was remarkable, I see Gods hand so clearly in BFHCM. I encourage all my brothers and sisters to be obedient and serve in China.

Jessica Dollard

Student, The Oaks Church

” We do not recruit English teachers for China, we recruit missionaries who are called as English teachers to serve the people of China.

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