Short Term Questions

Who do I contact to go on a short term trip?

Use the Contact Us form on the website and a representative from BFH will contact you very soon.

What do you do on the short term trips?

Each trip consist of a 5 day English as a Second Language camp where teachers will use ESL material to help the students advance their English. The teaching time is in the morning then the teachers take the students out to lunch at the local American restaurants like McDonalds, KFC, and/or Burger King.  In the afternoon the students and teachers will visit malls, museums, and/or parks.  In the evening time the teachers will go eat dinner with one of the student’s families which may be at their home or a restaurant.  On the last night of the English Camp all of the students and teachers will have a celebration dinner.

What is done on the other days?

Travel to and from Shijiazhuang takes up one day on the front and back end of the camp. The day after the camp will be spent encouraging the local church and pastors.  One day of tourism is scheduled at the end of each trip which includes a visit to The Great Wall and large local market.  A general itinerary for each trip can be found on the Trip Documents page under Contact Us.

How would I teach English?

Teachers use material provided to help students with pronunciation, comprehension, and expression. A typical class will include students reading a paragraph from the material and discussing any words or phrases they do not comprehend or express in a sentence.

Is there any training required to teach ESL classes?

No certification or degree is required to teach ESL. The only requirement is that you are filled with love and passion for Jesus Christ and be bold in your daily relationship.  Specific training for each trip will take place prior to leaving.

When do the short term trips take place and how long?

The goal is to send two teams a year, one in the winter (February/March) which is 12 days long and a small team in July/August for three weeks each.

What is the cost for the short term trips?

The average cost of the trip is $2500 plus visa fee, but varies based up airfare cost.

When do I have to pay for the trip?

Please visit the Trip Documents page under Contact Us to view a cost breakdown and due dates for each trip.

What am I responsible for?

  • Each participant or group is responsible for submitting and paying for the visa application as well as booking flights to be in Beijing on the designated day then depart on the designated date.
  • Each participant is responsible for raising all money needed to pay for the trip.
  • Each participant should bring a gift for each student as well as candy for each day of the camp. The students and families will give you many gifts.

Do I have to use a specific company to get a visa or book a flight?

No, you can use your own contact/travel agent to get a visa and flight. If you need recommendations please visit the Trip Documents page under Contact Us then select the Key Contacts form for a list of travel agents.

Should I bring extra money?

Yes if you plan on purchasing gifts or souvenirs.

Are there any other requirements?

BFH requires that all missionaries share testimony while in the country with BFH and the local church. Also, to share testimony and recruit others to go when in the United States.

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